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Where the Story Begins

The story of Jesus does not begin in the book of Matthew, but begins in the Old Testament. Understanding that Jesus was not only God, but a real man, in fact a real Jew. This reveals the truth that through Israel, and ultimately through Christ, the world is blessed through one nation, through Abraham, and through the kingly line of David.

The world had become stained with sin and therefore God elected a people who He said would bless all nations. God delivered this nation from bondage in Egypt and made a covenant with them. After bringing them into the Promised Land, the people demanded that God would give to them a king, and after Saul, David became king. Throughout the years Israel divided into two kingdoms; Israel, who generally rebelled against God, and Judah who would remain more committed. During this time Israel was being taught that God was sovereign, that He was just, and that He desired true obedience.

Israel was commissioned by God to be a light to all nations, which He says was their universal goal. The covenant with Abraham had a very universal intention. When God spoke with Abraham, He told him that His intention was to bless all nations. Not only had they been elected as the people of God, but their new role was “for the sake of all nations” (Christopher Wright, Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament 85).

Although it was not accomplished in the sense that Israel failed to do this, it was fulfilled by Christ. The children of Israel needed a deliverer, and Jesus became the ultimate Deliverer. This promise to Abraham came through his seed, Isaac, and eventually through to Jesus. This promise is extended through to the covenant God made with Moses and then the covenant made with David. Later Isaiah 42:6 says, “I will make you to be a covenant for the people and a light for the nations.” This New Covenant brought a new relationship with God, a new forgiveness, and a new obedience. What a hope for Israel to hear what God intended to do among His people, and that He would remember their sin no more.

When Jesus came to earth, though His value was generally overlooked by the people, He was given great value by His Father. This was displayed at His baptism. Here Jesus is referred to as God’s Son. Jesus was the true Son, and though it was the Father’s will that the Son should suffer, Jesus was completely obedient. Though He was a King, He chose to be a servant. “He had no intention of being a conquering king, militarily or politically” (146), because Jesus knew the restoration of Israel would come spiritually. Jesus chose not to revolt against the Romans, but commanded to love one’s enemies. He disturbed the Pharisees by associating with sinners, and gave special attention to the outcasts of His time. Jesus epitomized the teaching of the prophets, knowing that like them…He would suffer.

It is interesting that when Satan confronts Christ, this is the very thing that he questioned about Christ, saying, “If you are the Son of God?” Yet the Son responded to Satan and lived His entire life in complete obedience to His Father. God commanded Israel in Deuteronomy 30, to love the LORD your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commands, decrees and laws. This is exactly what Jesus did. From Abraham came a nation; from a nation came David; and from David, came the eternal King. Christ fulfilled the message of the Old Testament, and He fulfilled the covenants given to God’s peoples.

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