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EXALT (Adult Sunday School)

EXALT - EXalting Christ And Learning Together is our adult Sunday School.

We meet at 9:00am for coffee and fellowship, with classes starting at 9:15 (concurrent with kids' Sunday School)

Our EXALT classes run in from September through June. There are usually two or three classes offered each session. We encourage you to attend each week, but if that's not possible, come as often as you can!

We're currently offering two EXALT series:

1) What is God’s Worldview?

When the pressures of life take hold, there are nagging questions that demand answers. Why am I here? What do I stand for? Why don’t I quit? As we search the vault of our minds for answers, what will we find?

We'll try to answer these four worldview questions:

  • Where do I come from?
  • What is truth?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What happens to me when I die?

When under the pressures of life, we can be as convinced as the apostle Paul was, as to who we are in Christ, and what we are made to do.

2) Christ-Centred Christianity—Living in Corinth

Living the Christian life is difficult in the midst of an unsaved world; just ask the believers in Corinth. They ran the risk of becoming fractured as each had their favourite preacher, as sin and impurity had entered the church, and as many neglected the principles of Scripture. In his letters to the Corinthians, Paul addressed a number of issues warning them, scolding them, challenging them, and encouraging them; as he desired that they would live Christ-centred lives in the midst of a pagan-centred society.

There are many relevant questions for us today: What does a true believer look like? What does it mean to be spiritual? How should the body of Christ live together in unity? How is each member gifted? How does the truth of a bodily resurrection impact our daily lives? What is the glorious truth of the gospel over the law? How do we understand the work of the Holy Spirit?