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Due to the latest lockdown, services are currently being held online. In-person events & services at Peoples Church are suspended during this period, though the church office remains open.

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It's easy to see the humour in an oppressive king being unceremoniously assassinated while in the bathroom, but the exploits of Ehud couldn't bring about a chan... Read More

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Gather 'round your screens and bluetooth speakers this Sunday as we worship the Lord through prayer, reading of scripture and the preaching of His word!... Read More


An extract from a letter of the 2nd or 3rd century which gives a moving account of the distinctive qualities of the Christian life....Read More

Luke 2:1 (ESV) In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. Imagine the frustration of Joseph and Mary, who was about to give birth, when the government required a global registration. The government required them to leave their home, travel on foot 90 miles (approx. 150 km), being pregn...Read More

It has been said that, 'you don't learn anything the second time you're kicked by a mule!' That is to say, there is no learning some people. ...Read More