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Ministry of Women

Our Ministry of Women committee oversees the women's Bible studies, several women's events at the church through the year, and an occasional retreat. This ministry is dedicated to help and equip women to grow in their relationship with the Lord and with one another.

Bible Studies are held at the church throughout the week during most of the school year, and usually a summer study as well.  


Starting Tuesday, August 11th 2020 we will be repeating our previous set of 4-week Women's Summer Bible Studies.

For social distancing and planning purposes registration is required, so please email the church office or call us at (519) 845-3386 to let us know which study you'd like to participate in.

The "Four Big Questions" study will be available for women to join in via Zoom from home. 

The studies are as follows:

  • Four Big Questions 

    Over four weeks we will look at four BIG questions your kids, grandkids, family or co-workers may ask you.  Are you ready?  Do you have a defense for your faith?

    Our culture is on the attack against Christianity and our children and loved ones are faced with relativism, atheism, pluralism, and more isms that are NOT looking to turn them to Christ.  We want to be equipped to arm our kids with reasons for our Christian faith.  To be able to articulate what we know to be true.

    We will tackle the following questions:

    1. Does God Exist?
    2. The Problem of Evil: If God is good and powerful then why is our world such a mess?
    3. Who was Jesus—good man or God? 
    4. Is the Bible reliable and accurate?

    Allison V. will be leading this study.

  • Lament, a Song of Sorrow and Trust

    What do you think of when you consider the word lament?  Did you realize the Bible is full of biblical lament?  One third of the Psalter are Psalms of lament, as well as a whole book of the Bible, entitled Lamentations!  Unfortunately, lament has become a neglected dimension of Christian life.

    Together we can learn how to navigate between the poles of a hard life and trusting God's goodness.  This four-week study will include the study of lament, the pattern of lament, some lament psalms, and a section of Lamentations (chapter 3)

    Anna J. will lead this study.

Both of these studies will run for four weeks (August 11th-September 1st)