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Women's Bible Studies

Most, or maybe all, of us struggle with spiritually unhealthy patterns in our lives or perhaps with an addiction of some sort. We are so easily lured and hooked by 'stuff', or our phones, or self-image, or food, or alcohol, or books, or work, or... Which leads to us wasting our days, lonely, in a meaningless haze of unfulfilling activities.

We invite you to join us in a different sort of pattern and addiction - to the joy of the Holy Spirit opening the truths of God's Word to us as we study it together. 

During the school year, Tuesday is "Bible study day" at Peoples Church. Let's make that our first new pattern! Secondly, let's replace some of that wasted time each day with reading and studying and thinking and praying about that week's Bible passage. Doing Bible study together offers an ongoing and practical way to build relationships within a community of believers who learn from each other and hold each other accountable. 

We are praying that each woman at Peoples Church will consider joining us in Bible study, and that the Lord will transform us together into a people addicted to His Word and to the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, for His glory.

Our 2023-24 Bible study season will offer one Tuesday morning study beginning September 19th and one Tuesday evening study beginning October 3rd. We have one ongoing study, A Year in the Psalms, that will continue to the end of 2023 - more on this below.

Here are the classes offered this fall:

1-2 Peter: Living Hope in a Hard World

Peter’s epistles are a rallying cry for hope. Written to a young church facing intensifying persecution, they showcase the living hope of the Gospel even in the midst of trials and tribulation. God does not abandon us in our suffering. Through the themes of suffering, the transformative power of God, spiritual authority, false  teachers, and the last days, Peter directs us to the God who is faithful in our trials, working them for His glory and for our good.

Join us Tuesday mornings beginning September 19th from 9:30-11:00 as we study, grow in our understanding and delight of God’s Word, and stir each other up to love and good works. We will use the study guide by Lydia Brownback, which costs $10.

Free childcare is provided for pre-schoolers. Ladies, please sign up and if you’ll be bringing little ones, please add their names and ages as well so we can be prepared. You can sign up by adding your name to the list at the Welcome Centre or EMAIL the church office.

Numbers: Look and Live

The fourth book of the Old Testament has a plot that veers from an influx of quail, cowardly spies, earth-swallowing judgment and deadly plagues to a budding staff, water from a rock, and even a talking donkey. More than that, the book of Numbers strikingly foreshadows Jesus Christ as firstborn redeemer, mediator, sinless sacrifice, living water, a rock struck once, Star of Jacob, and our inheritance. As well, it touches on great spiritual truths like holiness, atonement, proper worship, the new covenant, spiritual warfare and more.

The unspoken question permeating this book is: Would we fare better than this newly freed first and second generation? The book of Numbers points a snake-bitten and perishing world away from ourselves to the One lifted up as a provision for our incessant rebellion and invites us to look – and live.

We would love to have you join us on Tuesday evenings this fall for “Look and Live” – a nine-week overview of the book of Numbers beginning October 3rd at 7:00-8:30 p.m. Bring a binder or duotang for the study sheets that will be handed out each week. There is no book to purchase.

You can sign up by adding your name to the list at the Welcome Centre or EMAIL the church office.

A Year in the Psalms

The adventure continues as we spend a year reading the Psalms. Some have been faithfully at it for eight months already and others are just joining the journey.

A reading plan is provided, and we meet once a month on the third Monday evening at 7:00 or the third Tuesday morning at 9:30 to challenge each other and discuss what we are learning. Come to whichever time slot works best for you at any given time. Childcare is provided Tuesday morning.

Let’s keep encouraging one another by spending consistent time in God’s Word, reading the Psalms every day of the rest of this year. Connect with Anna Jamieson to be added to this group.


Bible Study Books

There are quite a few books available at the church left over from previous women’s studies.  These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and all books are being made available at a reduced price of $10 each.  Some of the books come with a DVD that you may borrow.  Here are the options: 

  • Be Rich: Ephesians by Warren Wiersbe 
  • Letting Go of Perfect by Amy Spiegel
  • Loving God with All Your Mind by Elizabeth George – DVD available 
  • Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wohlgemuth 
  • True Woman 101: Divine Design
  • True Woman 201: Interior Design – DVD available 
  • The Bible in 90 Days – This is not a study but a Bible arranged to help you read through the whole Bible in 90 days. It’s a worthwhile challenge, and it can be done!

RightNow Media

All of you have free access to RightNow Media if you wish, and they offer many great studies.  If you need a new invitation for RightNow Media, contact Helena and she can get you set up. Here are some that we recommend for you.   

  • The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler. This marriage study on the Song of Solomon is 12 weeks long and is for married folks as well as the not-yet-married. 
  • How to Read Your Bible is a 6-session study, giving an overview of the Bible, the different types of books, etc., and teaches you how to intuitively study and apply the Word of God.  Moms might want to consider doing this one with their tween and teen daughters.

  • Get Out of Your Head is a study in Philippians by Jennie Allen and focuses on not letting our thoughts hold us captive, but controlling our thoughts and minds. Six sessions.

  • Psalm 23 by Matt Chandler is a six session walk through this Psalm, and free downloadable handouts are included.

 Email the church office or call 519-845-3386 if you have any questions.