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Ministry of Women

Our Ministry of Women committee oversees the women's Bible studies, several women's events at the church through the year, and an occasional retreat. This ministry is dedicated to help and equip women to grow in their relationship with the Lord and with one another.

Summer 2021 Women's Bible Study

Beginning Monday, July 5 at 7:00 p.m. and running for six weeks

Discernment 101

“But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.

This summer’s ladies Bible study is called Discernment 101. Biblical discernment carries the idea of judging or deciding, as well as developing our sense of perception. We’ll consider how we make decisions – how we wield the sword of the Spirit and make that cut between the “good…and what is miserably-bad.”  (HELPS Word Studies)

Before we start waving the sword of discernment ‘out there,’ we’ll point it inward and consider our ‘besetting sins,’ those grooves we default to in the small life, when no one is watching. Then we’ll bring a discerning mind, and the steps we’ve learned, to a plethora of issues: our use of social media, websites, books (‘Christian romance’, anyone?), multi-level marketing, influencers, our obsession with stuff, the concept of minimalism, left vs. right-wing media slant, and whatever topic you bring forward...

This is designed to be an interactive study with little or no homework. Bring your Bible, a pen, and a friend. Tuesdays at Peoples are for two-pitch – save Monday evenings this summer for discernment practice!

Joy will be leading this class, and registration is required, so please call (519-845-3386) or email ( the chuch office to sign up.

We still have some books available at the church office and also have some recommendations for studies to work through or simply watch on RightNow Media if you prefer those.  Read on for what's availalbe and recommended.

Bible Study Books 

There are quite a few books available at the church left over from previous women’s studies.  These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and all books are being made available at a reduced price of $10 each.  Some of the books come with a DVD that you may borrow.  Here are the options: 

  • The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler (3) – Videos on RightNow Media (see below) 
  • Be Rich: Ephesians by Warren Wiersbe (5) 
  • Letting Go of Perfect by Amy Spiegel (3) 
  • Loving God with All Your Mind by Elizabeth George (3) – DVD available 
  • Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wohlgemuth (10) 
  • True Woman 101: Devine Design (2) 
  • True Woman 201: Interior Design (3) – DVD available 
  • Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin – not a Bible study, but a great book (4) 
  • The Bible in 90 Days – not a study but a great tool to read through the whole Bible in 90 days. It’s a worthwhile challenge, but it can be done! (5) 

RightNow Media 

All of you have free access to RightNow Media if you wish, and they offer many great studies.  If you need a new invitation for RightNow Media, contact Helena and she can get you set up. Here are some that we recommend for you.   

  • The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler. This marriage study on the Song of Solomon is 12 weeks long and is for married folks as well as the not-yet-married. Corresponding books available from the church at $10. 
  • How to Read Your Bible is a 6-session study, giving an overview of the Bible, the different types of books, etc., and teaches you how to intuitively study and apply the Word of God.  Moms might want to consider doing this one with their tween and teen daughters.

  • Get Out of Your Head is a study in Philippians by Jennie Allen and focuses on not letting our thoughts hold us captive, but controlling our thoughts and minds. Six sessions.

  • Psalm 23 by Matt Chandler is a six session walk through this Psalm, and free downloadable handouts are included.


 Email the church office or call 519-845-3386 if you have any questions.