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Ministry of Women

Our Ministry of Women committee oversees the women's Bible studies, several women's events at the church through the year, and an occasional retreat. This ministry is dedicated to help and equip women to grow in their relationship with the Lord and with one another.

Bible Studies are held at the church throughout the week during most of the school year, and usually a summer study as well.  

2020 FALL BIBLE STUDIESStarting Tuesday, September 15, 2020

For social distancing and planning purposes registration is required for all Bible studies, so please email the church office or call us at (519) 845-3386 to let us know which study you'd like to participate in.  There are four different studies being offered at this time.

Childcare will be provided for newborns up to 5 years old. When you register for Bible study, please let us know the names and ages of any children you will bring along on Tuesday mornings.

1. Isaiah: Be Comforted (Morning)

Isaiah was God’s chosen prophet in a time of political unrest. He pleaded with the Israelites to turn from their sin and return to God in humble repentance so their nation could receive deliverance and restoration—a message we still need to hear today.

For anyone who thinks that comfort is equivalent to pity and that it is only priceless to those who need an emotional crutch, author Warren Wiersbe applies the words of the prophet Isaiah to prove that God's comfort is no such thing. The word comfort actually translates "to repent" in Hebrew; our English translation, however, adds another dimension to the word since it originated from two Latin words meaning "with strength." You’ll find that it is God’s comfort that brings you the peace, hope, and strength to weather life’s storms.

With definitions and insights like this, Warren Wiersbe continues to enliven the Scriptures as he weaves the words of Isaiah with historical explanations and thought-provoking questions for every chapter.  The cost of the study guide is $10. 

Anna will be leading this study from September 15 to December 8 on Tuesday mornings from 9:15-11:00.

2. Citizens and Strangers (Morning)

The kingdom of God started long ago, and it continues today, and it will continue tomorrow and on into the future. Though we can’t see it in full, we are caught up in the story. Today, we live as both citizens and strangers, hoping and praying for the kingdom to come. We live in the “already but not yet,” prisoners of hope in this shadow kingdom, all while knowing it is not our true home. Something better is coming. God’s perfect kingdom is coming. This study is based on a sermon series by Matt Chandler and includes watching a video when you meet as a group.

There is no cost for materials and Emily will be leading this group, which will run from September 15 to December 1 on Tuesday mornings from 9:15-11:00.

3. The Bible in 90 Days (Evening)

Different from our usual Bible studies, the Bible in 90 Days is a group-oriented Bible reading curriculum. Reading the entire Bible in 90 days provides a sweeping panoramic view of Biblical history, helping to more readily remember and connect key historical events from Genesis to Israel’s history, to the Prophets, to the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life and through Revelation. The Bible is powerful, life-changing, and eternal. Nothing is more effective at renewing the mind than the Word of God.

There is a daily time commitment involved in this group as you will be required to read the assigned chapters of the Bible, which will take approx. 30-60 minutes each day to keep up with the plan, but there is no other homework.

The group will meet weekly on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 at the church to discuss the week’s reading, with Joy leading the group from September 15 to December 15.

You may use your own Bible or purchase the NIV Bible in 90 Days from the church office for $15.

4. Ecclesiastes: Nothing New Under the Sun (Online, Evening)

Ecclesiastes presents the student of Scripture with a view of life “under the sun” that is thought-provoking and challenging.  The wisdom of this book is the Preacher’s reminder to the reader to fear God as He is the only One we can trust in a fallen and confusing world.  This book speaks boldly to our world and its realities today, and our need to trust God even when we don’t understand the circumstances around us.

This 7-week online study will run weekly from Monday, October 19 to Monday, November 30.  (We will take Monday, October 12, off for Thanksgiving.)  We will meet from 7:00-8:30 p.m. using Zoom with Beth Ann leading.