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The Joy of Being a Dad

Two of the greatest joys of my life have been having a Dad and being a Dad. There is little more gratifying than to be able to enjoy close loving relationships right in our own homes. There is such joy in providing for, caring for, and loving those whom the Lord gave us to guide and direct. There is also the blessing of having a wife who joins in with the joyous process, making life both enriching and satisfying. The everyday events of lunches, backyard baseball, road hockey, pizza nights, and the special camping trips and picnics were great memories as a kid growing up, as well as with my own sons. I learned the joy of my Dad watching my hockey games, as years later I was able to watch my guys’ football and baseball games.

The Psalmist said, “Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward” (Psalm 127:3). Being a Dad is both a wonderful privilege and joy, and a great responsibility. I learned much from my own father, things that I trust I was able, and am still able to extend to my own boys:

  • Show a great interest in their interests…something that is hard for me when one of my boys is a basketball fan!
  • Enjoy both the simple and greater things in life…from sitting around a campfire to going to see the Blackhawks play in Chicago!
  • Prioritize the ministry of Christ…give Christ, church, and ministry a much higher priority than other things in life.
  • Speak about the Lord continuously…have each and every event in life blend in with our relationship with Christ.
  • Allow other strong believers to impact and challenge our children…know that you alone are not the only influence.
  • Continue to love them as they grow older…so that your godly influence can continue with them and to their grandchildren.


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