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Church Photo Directory Update


Hello Church Family,

It’s been too long since our last photo directory, and you undoubtedly look even better now than you did then. We had planned to do a photo directory in 2020, but you know what came along in 2020!

Because we still have some roadblocks in our way for doing a traditional photo directory, it has been decided that we’ll go with a more informal directory where each family or individual will submit a photo to the church office to be included in this year’s directory.  We hope you will all participate.

Please start emailing your photos to Natasha anytime.  We ask that all photos be taken in 2021 and that they be submitted by Friday, May 14th.  If you do not have the technology to take a digital photo, please let us know and we will come to your house to take a porch portrait.  This can be done while maintaining the recommended physical distance.  Or you could ask a family member to take your picture and send it in.

The printed picture in the directory will be square and quite small.  If your phone/camera has the ability to take a square picture, you may wish to use this feature. Otherwise we will crop them square.  If a submitted photo will not work, we'll let you know.

Please consider the following when taking your pictures:

  • Wear non-busy clothing (avoid pictures and logos)
  • Choose a simple background (indoors or outdoors)
  • Consider lighting – not too bright or too dark to avoid squinty eyes and shadows
  • If taking pictures outside – early morning, evening, or cloudy days are best.  No sunglasses please.
  • Get close together, but make sure everyone’s face is clearly visible
  • Take photo fairly close up (from the waist up if possible)
  • Leave some space around the edges for cropping

If you have any questions, please contact us at the church office.