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NeighbourLink Food Drive


As a partner church with NeighbourLink, we have an opportunity to be a blessing to those in need right here in our community. The pandemic has hit hard for many people, and for some in a very bad way. 

Some have lost jobs and others even their homes. Although clients of NeighbourLink do benefit from the food banks in town, those don’t always fully meet their needs, and their income just covers living conditions and a minimal amount of groceries. This is where NeighbourLink comes in—helping out in the days prior to a cheque coming in when clients have exhausted the food bank for the month. 

Currently the need is great but the NeighbourLink pantry is low. Partner churches are being asked to collect specific food items to help restock the pantry, and Peoples Church has been asked to collect Kraft Dinner, Rice-A-Roni, and Lipton/Knorr sides. Other non-perishable food items can also be donated. 

There is a shopping cart in the church (entrance/foyer) where you can drop off your food donations.  We will start collecting this Sunday and continue until December 5th. Let’s see how many carts we can fill with the requested items!

NeighbourLink does much more than providing food to the hungry.  If you have mattresses, bedding or furniture in good condition that you no longer need, consider contacting NeighbourLink and blessing someone in need of those items.  You can find out more about NeighbourLink below


If you have any questions, please speak with one of the deacons.