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The Lord is Moving in Our Midst

October 13, 2010

God has been moving in some mighty ways here in the last two weeks.  All for His glory.  There have been many who have testified of what God has miraculously done in their lives.  There are those in our midst who have confessed sins and asked for forgiveness.  Many of these sins are those that we often keep hidden and pretend to play church and we make things appear as though everything was just fine in our lives....the masks are coming off and people are getting right with the Lord, right in their relationships - it is truly the work of God.  There has been adultery confessed, addiction to pornography confessed, pride confessed, bitterness confessed, controlling behaviour confessed, and so much more.  Relationships are being restored - husbands are coming forward and confessing how they have not loved their wife as Christ loved the church, wives confessing that they have not respected their husbands, young people confessing their need to trust in Christ in the things they are pursuing.  This transparency is so powerful, the Lord is glorified through confession, repentance and ultimately restored and revived believers.  May God receive all the glory!!!


Turan Tokcan at October 14, 2010 12:29pm

Even though my family and I only made it to the last evening, it was very obvious by talking to folks in the foyer that Father moved mightily. We are sincerely glad (joyful) for what He has done in your midst. It has only begun!!

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