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Our Leadership Structure

Our Leadership Structure

In Scripture, we find two distinct groups of people who exercise leadership in the church under the Lordship of Jesus Christ:

• The elders: men appointed to spiritual oversight in the church.

• The deacons: men serving the congregation in hands-on, practical ways.

The Elders oversee the church on matters of the spiritual life of the church, sound doctrine, teaching, prayer and discipline when needed. The Deacons, our ministers of mercy, assist the elders by facilitating ministry with the material and physical needs of the people. These two groups work in concert with the congregation to encourage and foster a vibrant Body Life that reflects Christ's intended desire for His people at Peoples Church.  We also have many 'Stewards' as we call them. These are the people who oversee significant ministries in our church.  The Stewards play a big ministry role here at Peoples as we continue to grow.


The Elders

Our elder-led structure provides us with sound guidance from biblically-qualified men; it emphasizes that all of the elders are undershepherds of the congregation, though most work in secular jobs.

Some of our elders are working full time for the church. Our teaching pastor focuses on rightly dividing the Word and being a teacher of teachers; our discipleship and our youth and family pastors serve the flock in focused ministries. All elders meet the biblical qualifications for this office as laid out in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. We meet regularly to pray and provide spiritual oversight on matters concerning the church. At Peoples Church each elder is an undershepherd (pastor) of the congregation.


The Deacons

Peoples Church deacons free the elders to provide spiritual oversight to the church. They fill supportive roles as they coordinate various ministries that relate to the physical needs of the congregation. The deacons carry out a benevolent ministry, first at Peoples Church and secondly in the community, ministering to the widow, the orphan, the poor and the shut–in.

Sometimes we laugh and say, together we make a really great Christian. This light-hearted comment reflects our need, love and trust for each other as we rejoice and thank God for His marvelous work among us.

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